Things to Do Before Selling Your Home

Many homeowners are gearing up to list their homes in what is expected to be a very busy and competitive selling season. Here are a few tips to consider to maximize your potential profit.
DECLUTTER – Begin by cleaning and eliminating clutter. Buyers need to imagine that they are already living there, and things like family photos, kitschy memorabilia and other knick knacks, make it all the more difficult.
MINOR REPAIRS – Little things, like a leaky faucet or chipped paint on a baseboard, can suggest to buyers that you might not be maintaining the house.
PRICE IT RIGHT – Price your home by the industry standards for determining its market value: improvements, recent sales of comparable homes in your area, current competition and their time on the market, square footage, number of beds/baths, etc. It’s easy to fixate on what you paid for the house or the dollar figure you need to get out of your home, but it does not determine value in the eyes of the Buyer. Remember that today’s buyers have got a wealth of information available to them through the internet and local knowledge from their own agent.
GET YOUR LISTING ONLINE – To sell your home at the best possible price, go where the eyeballs are: Online. Surveys show that 94 percent of buyers start their home searches on the Internet. Work with a real estate agent who will make sure that a virtual tour and a vibrant description of your home are widely available on multiple websites, and easy to navigate from mobile phones and tablets. Your online listings must also include an ample supply of professional, high-resolution photos; according to one estimate, professionally photographed homes priced between $300,000 to $400,000 sell for about $3,000 more than those with amateur photos.
AVOID SURPRISE PROPERTY PROBLEMS – The last thing you want is last-minute problems like surprise liens and taxes, for example, that must be paid to close the deal. These problems can complicate or delay your sale, or even result in a cancelled contract altogether. Get inspections and key reports in advance — long before the buyer’s on the hook — and make sure to read them. In many markets, it’s now standard operating procedure for sellers to actually have home, pest and roof inspections — as well any government-mandated inspections — conducted before the house even goes on the market. The more problem-free your home is, the faster it’s likely to sell.

Posted on April 3, 2014 at 10:09 am
Nancy Low | Category: News

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